3 C's of Life!!!

After my obsession towards Chocolate, Coffee & Cheese, I decided to dedicate my Blog towards it. Apart from that I also like travelling so what can be better way than travelling in the streets of Mumbai & world to discover the delight of eating what you love. So let me start with 3 C's of my Life.

I already started sharing 3 C's by adding an Album on my Facebook account name “Things to Die for”. It contains delicious, yummy, tempting Chocolate ice creams, Sundae’s, Brownie’s, Milk Shake & much more. The main intention of doing such things is not to influence people to gain weight (though many of my friends blames me for that), but also to suggest people to break the routine work & take a break.

Chocolate is my major frustration & stress buster, whereas coffee is my sleep buster. Cheese is nothing but my joy. Sounds cheesy but it taste yummy. Well, this are my obsession, many people have their own taste preferences. Just get enrich in our favourite food, its ultimate Joy of Life!

But but but, yes there is But. All this should not be an addiction. Overdose of anything is bad. As its said, too much of positive leads to negative. Overdose of our favourite food leads to rejection towards the same. Someday if i think i had too much of chocolate in a week, i just take break from it for some time and then i am back on hogging. Also we never keep in mind the calories we gain by eating Chocolate, Coffee & Cheese but we should keep a tab on it.

Life is to Enjoy. So Enjoy, Eat & Travel..!!!


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