Christmas Chocolate Tree!!!!

I am big chocolate lover, people get bored seeing me eating chocolate nothing but chocolate all the time. I get many comments like try something new, chocolate is not everything. For a true chocolate lover, chocolate is everything. And my big dream is to be in place where everything is made up of chocolate.

As we are approching Christmas, its festival of fun & celebration. It also brings with us the end of another year. People share love, gifts, chocolates, memories and so on. We decorate our house with Christmas tree, lights, and all sorts of possible decoration item. We also keep chocolates for distributing. But have you ever imaged a Christmas decoration, rather a Christmas tree made of Chocolate???

The Westin Mumbai Garden city has made this possible. The Christmas is celebrated by making not just 1 but 3 tall Christmas tree made of Chocolate. and to top it all, there are not just 1 set of 3 Chocolate Christmas tree, there are 4. Spread accross the entire property specially lobby.

The entire lobby has tempting aroma of Chocolate. It’s so awesome that you get lure to eat chocolate every time, everyday.

It’s a dream come true, to see giant tree of Chocolate. But the sad part is you won’t be able to eat that tree. Since they had to keep the tree for around 15 days, they have sprayed solution to keep it intact till the day of Christmas. Wish they spray something which stops the awesome aroma of Chocolate to spread across the lobby. It’s so enticing that I started eating more chocolate than I should eat in week. To control my tempt I started ignoring the area where tree are kept. I know it’s silly, but I gotta stop myself from having excess of Chocolate!!!

Only part which sadden me is that its waste. After 15 days the trees will be discarded. If those chocolate which has been used in making the tree would have been converted into small piece of chocolate and distributed among the poor children, we could have fed 1000’s of children.

Innovation & creativity is must but it’s shouldn’t lead to waste of food, or should I say Chocolate.

Dream came true but in my dream I am eating the chocolate tree and not wasting it!


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