Cafe: Cafe Chokolade

I am big fan of Cad-B. First I had it in Pune and since then I was craving for it to come to Mumbai. Soon my wish was fulfilled but not the satisfaction.

In Mumbai it had 3 branches. The 1 in Lokhandwala was disappointment as their milk shake was not thick enough. Also on comparing the cost of the shake to Pune outlet, Mumbai was high. But it's chocolate milk shake taste was like any other Cad-B outlet, Yummy!

Recently I discovered that they went for a transformation from Cad-B to Cafe Chokolade. So I went on my mission to check it's quality standard. Ok! I just wanted another reason to have Cad-B milk shake. So I went to the nearest outlet which was near to Vile Parle Station West. The area will attract many college students. So they have an edge on that. The cafe decor is pretty modern. It has bin bags to sit and enjoy the Thick Milk shake.

Menu wise it's still the same. It start with their signature 'Thick Milk Shake' Cad-B and Cad-M. Though they do included some of the other shake and eatable items. They have highlighted the Thick milk shake as tagline with their name. And they are really thick n stomach filling. I got tempted to try chokolade shots but unfortunetly couldnt do it. Becuase my stomach was full with medium glass of Cad-B. This milk shakes are really heavy.

Service is also same, the old way. Choose your shake, pay money, take a token. And wait! Once your token number flashes on screen, collect & enjoy the Thick Milk Shake. It's good system but when cafe is empty is looks stupid!

The only disappointment I got from this makeover is size of the glass. It got small to smaller. The look and style is new but quantity you get in it is little. Specially when you compare with the price you pay for it. 

In nutshell, makeover is just in the name. And as Shakespeare says, "What's their in name?" Enjoy the thick yummy shake. :)


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