Ice Cream: Top n Town Ice Creams

I am usual to Lokhandwala but I never noticed the Ice cream parlour on the corner of the street. So when my friend took me to Top n Town for Ice Cream, I was little surprised to see this place. When I enquired how long this place is here, the manager said 2 years.

From the brand logo it looks like year old ice cream brand started with their own outlet but when you entered the place it looks little the modern. You will find many options on the menu from scoop ice cream to milk shakes to sundae.

I visited this place twice. Once I just tried Mocha Milk shake and when I visited again with bunch of friends we ordered many sundae and to top the town, we ordered all Chocolate based Sundae’s.

The surprising part was that all sundaes were looking the same but somewhere in taste you can make out the difference. Some were bitter so some were less chocolaty, some had chocolate sauce so other had butterscotch, some had dark chocolate so some had vanilla.

The milkshake was very good. It was filled with cream and ice cream. The milk shake was thick but much. For Sundae’s, I liked all of them but my suggestion to Top n Town will be to be innovative with the sundae. All sundaes are not just about whipped cream, chocolate chips and chocolate sauce. Sundae’s lacked the differential factor but if you try only 1 at a time, I am sure you will love it!

Overall nice place, nice location and to top the town, nice ice cream!!!


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