Krushers crushed the typical KFC image pretty well!

I never visited KFC for simple reason that it has non vegetarian food. Since they are in India they had to give vegetarian option. But it’s still limited to attract crowed to their outlet. Since the market has moved towards cold drinks they take this opportunity and come up with the KRUSHERS!!! 2 type, Iced Kappucino & Iced Mochaccino.

Their ad talks about blowing your mind with the ice chilled drink and tastes and surprisingly i felt the same rush. When something too cold is in your month you feel as if current is passing thru your body. It was chilled with small crushed ice cubes. Out of the two I prefer the Iced Mochaccino as they have chocolate sauce on top unlike Kappucino one with crumbled biscuit on top.

So what if they are famous for chicken, so what if they have more options for non vegetarian. It still stands option in my mind for cold coffee and chocolate frappe.