Bus ab Bus!!!

When you re in city like Mumbai, you are familiar with all kinds of transportation like Rickshaw, taxi, trains and Bus. This blog is dedicated to my take on one of such transportation, BUS.

Twice I planned a short trip to place near Mumbai through best mode as suggested by many people, Bus and experience is nothing worth mentioning. This are not local bus, this are very maintained air conditioned bus with comfort of soft seats and entertainment of television. Don't know whether it's my bad luck that I never travelled in bus without any problem in beginning or in between or in end.

Month back, when I travelled to Goa in sleeper bus it started of very well, just 10-15 minute late. Since it was night bus, I took my seat and nicely slept thinking that in morning when I will open my eyes, they will see the beauty of Goa and smell the freshness of beaches. When I asked my friend where are we he said that we are still in Ratnagiri which means not even reached half a way to Goa. The bus had 2 tire puncture in the night and they took 4 hours to repair. Later by afternoon Bus had another tire puncture. The time to reach Goa was 10 in morning and at 1 in the afternoon we were far far away from Goa. Finally we found hire car where our bus was replacing it's puncture tired and lastly we reached Goa at 7 in the evening. Phew! Worst experience ever!

Second time, that is now while I am travelling to Pune, bus has disappointed me again. The ticket issued by traveller was wrong, we waited for bus which was not there, we called and everytime they use to say 15 minutes, near signal etc. Had to fight with the travel company for such a delay and just giving false promises for the timing or even for bus being there on mentioned 'delayed' time.

It's with my aura or just bus don't like me, whenever I think of giving it one more chance, it gives me 100 more reason for not to do so. Next time, my attempt will be for Trains. God bless this bus operator, maybe in future they will find there way to punctuality!

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  1. The author shares his bad experiences of traveling by bus and the misfortunes he had while on bus. Very informative