Life on the move!

Travel teaches you a lot of the things. Recently, when I was travelling to New Zealand for leisure, I was wondering how exciting the job will be of those people who has to travel very often for business. Though it looks exciting, but when you do it, it becomes boring after some time.

Endless hours of journey, spending nights at the airport terminal, eating food at the airport or in flight (trust me it is not good!). I saw people sitting at the boarding gate waiting for the plane to arrive, working on their laptop or tablet now a days. These people travel so much that even air hostess know them. Few hour journey is good, but when it comes to spending 20 odd hours in flight, your back, body and head all start paining. They are so used to the traveling that even seating and sleeping is adjusting for them.

Though there are disadvantages when you have such a job, but at the end of pain, I mean day, you get to see new places, meet new people and see what's new or or different happening around the world.

I wouldn't mind such job, only problem I am facing is finding such job. Let's see if new year 2013 gives me a chance to explore. Fingers crossed!


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