Alibaug.. Weekend gateway!

So when your in busy city of Mumbai.. What will you thinking of doing on weekend? Perhaps movie, go out for dinner or just hang out in cafe.. but those who are seeking adventure or just relax at beach side with less people, Alibaug will be the answer. Around 125 km away from Mumbai via road, Alibaug is perfect place for weekend getaway.

Best way to go to Alibaug will be through ferry. From Gateway of India there is ferry for Madwa every half an hour. This ferry takes around 1 hour to take you to Madwa. On your way, you will meet seagulls, sailboats, yachts and many ships of fisherman. Once you reach Madwa, there are special buses of ferry people who takes you in the Alibaug city. It will be around 30-45 minutes journey. There are also auto rickshaw available for transportation. A good negotiation skill will help you save money else you will end up saying bomb!

Alibaug is just one place or you can say small city however there are places around Alibaug which area assumed to be part of Alibaug but its not. places like Madwa, Kashid and so on. There are many small resorts in Alibaug and around for a stay and relax. But best way enjoy in Alibaug is by staying in rented Bungalow. There are decent bungalows available at very reasonable rate. Alibaug has nothing big in it. For passing the time, one can go for swim in beach or play cricket or just munch at corn by beach side. Few beaches also have water activities like banana ride, jetski, bumper.. believe me those are real fun if you have not done it anywhere else. Those who are looking at enjoying with big waves might get disappointed as waves are very quite here. All those activities which you can't do at peace in Mumbai, you can do it in Alibaug. Beware, not all places in Alibaug are quite or decent public comes. Some places have cheap people or crazy crowd. Apart from beach, there are few fort in Alibaug and around it. Unfortunately we didn't get chance to visit fort, as per local description, it was sounding impressive to have a visit to this fort.

When you are with your family, cousins, friends or just partner, it's best place to spend time doing nothing or something. Lazy life, lazy time, lazy you and just lazy breeze.