Restaurant: Aye Dios Mio, Mumbai

Someone told me about this place and mentioned it as a must try place for vegetarian Mexican and Italian food. From that day, I wanted to visit this place. Personally, I love Mexican food, I always had it abroad and it is filling, spicy and delicious. In India, I rarely found a good Mexican restaurant (except Taco Bell) which comes closer to real Mexican food. Few restaurant Indianised Mexican food in such a way that it is not even closer to Mexican and more close to Punjab.

Aye Dios Mio totally surprised me with their Mexican food. Though my review can be biased as I had only one dish and it blew my palate. Aye Dios Mio is a small restaurant tucked near Bombay Hospital and it is not difficult to find. It has only two tables as they focus more on delivery and takeaway. I was passing the restaurant on my way to home and the thought of taking a parcel. Initially I was more keen on Taco but since I was taking a parcel I was going through quesadilla menu. As it was on the spur moment to take the food, I asked the restaurant manager to suggest something. Her suggestion was Burrito Bowl, which comes with a layer of rice, topped with Salsa, topped with beans, topped with cabbage along with Sour cream and Nacho chips. Sounds a little tricky in the first place.

This is what it looks when you open the box
After reaching home, I opened the parcel. There was a big box and chips and dip in a packet. I opened the box and mixed the layers which created a yummy looking rice with salsa and beans. I was still not sure about the dish and I took a bit of rice and all my doubts got cleared. The rice was well cooked, salsa tangy and the beans were so soft that I kept gobbling it. Nacho chips (home-made) were crispy and quite thin, very unlikely to standard nacho chips. They were plain and not much flavour added which was good in a way because I could enjoy each and every flavour of Burrito Bowl.

Big Box filled with delicious food
The food was so impressive that I wish to visit them again and try their other dishes! Keep it up and Thank you for bringing quality Mexican food in town! 

Tried and Tasted: Burrito Bowl

Must Eat: Burrito Bowl

Heavenly: Burrito Bowl

Location: Near Bombay Hospital, New Marine Lines, Marine Line


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